Equestrian events in Lincolnshire

Easedale Equestrian offer equestrian events in Lincolnshire. Our team has many years of experience in equestrian event activities. In addition to our own events you will find the Easedale Team organising show jumping at some of the summer show venues in Lincolnshire.

All our events are a horse and rider friendly experience to competing in Lincolnshire with regular Show Jumping and Dressage events throughout the year. We will also be arranging show jumping and dressage training clinics at venues throughout northern Lincolnshire suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced and advanced riders.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events.

Contact us with any enquiries or in case you would like to advertise on this site.

Event dates now available for 2013 / 14

We now have confirmed dates for this forthcoming Autumn, Winter and Spring shows to be held at Kenwick Park, near Louth. We look forward to seeing lots of friends from previous events as well as new faces. Please do let all your friends know about us.

Don’t forget our shows are all very friendly and relaxed but with that professional edge that everyone enjoys.

Show Jumping dates                                                                                                         Saturday 15th February 2014 & Sunday 16th March 2014

Revesby Country Fair to be held on Sunday 4th August 2013

Revesby Country Fair

Revesby Country Fair

Easedale Equestrian are organising the show jumping at Revesby Country Fair. This fabulous country fair is a great day out for all the family.

In addition to the show jumping Revesby Country Fair has an extensive equestrian schedule including Working Hunter, Dressage, Showing, Carriage Driving, Shires and Mounted Games sections.

We have a full schedule of show jumping classes for Juniors & Seniors with heights ranging from 50 cm to 105 cm. There are rosettes, prize money and trophies for ALL showjumping classes. For the show jumping schedule visit the Easedale Equestrian Events page.

For more information on this fantastic equestrian country fair visit www.revesby-country-fair.co.uk

The show field is located in the beauitiful Revesby Park close to Horncastle, PE22 7NB gates open from 8.30 am and classses start from 9.00 am.

Lionel Dunning News

Lionel jumping 7ft  wall at HOYS

Lionel jumping 7ft wall at HOYS

It is two years since Lionel passed away on the 30th December 2013.

A day doesn’t go by without thinking of our great friend and trainer. Lionel was a true horseman learning his craft over many decades.

What sets Lionel apart from many was his ability and willingness to share his knowledge.

It is still work in progress but the foundations Lionel helped lay have been built upon by Chelsea with help from Pam and others. 2015 has been a positive year with Caramba (the naughty youngster Lionel helped with) competing at Hickstead & Olympia and winning National Championships.

To follow developments click www.chelseaskelton.co.uk

Thank you Lionel

Results February Show

Our February show was very popular with a great turnout of over 70 competitors jumping a range of classes from 45cm up to a challenging 1.10m. As usual the standard was very high with many double clear rounds at every height.

Class 1
Jemma Smith Sparky
Grace Hereward Mercury
Isabel Wheaver Fantasia
Evie Toombes Royal Bluebell
Olivia Unsworth Mickey
Imogen Hook Bruno

Class 2
Cheryl Toon Scooby
Samantha Wells Benji
Katy Appleby Alfie
Kat Brooks Layla
Olivia Unsworth mickey
Zoey Jane Sharp Boy

Class 3
Lauren Mathieson Taincwm Quite a Star
Sarah Hadley Crafty Fox
Imogen Hook Ariel
Michelle French Riverhill
Cameron Skelton Busbykinz
Danni McFall Midnight Business

Class 4
Lydia Norton Pixie
Lydia Norton Hillside Moment
Cameron Skelton Star
Amy Atkinson Shergar II
Kat Brooks Patch
Lucy Keen Crested Lad

Class 5
Millie Wilkinson Cornice
Lydia Norton Pixie
Natalie Perry Irish Quest
Lydia Norton Hillside Moment
Molly Carter Saffrodize
Darryl Simpson Kobanna

Class 6
Millie Wilkinson Cornice
Ros Ganter Cruise
Ros Ganter Ted
Ros Ganter Darcy

Dates now confirmed for 2013

We have had some great events and lots of happy competitors through the Autumn. We can’t wait to see everyone again in 2013 and hopefully some new faces in the New Year. In the meantime we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Easedale Equestrian Events.

Our confirmed dates for 2013 are; 

  • Saturday 19th January 2013                                                                        
  • Saturday 23rd February 2013                                                                              
  • Saturday 23rd March 2013


Results from our 10th November Show at Kenwick Park, Louth

Our November show was again very popular with a great turnout of over 70 competitors jumping a range of classes from 45cm up to a challenging 1.10m. As usual the standard was very high with many double clear rounds at every height. We were very pleased to see many of our compertitors take up their free UK Riders Qualification Card.

Class 1. 45cm. 1st Rebekah Hampton & JK’s Lucky Tiger. 2nd Alison Bourn & Mr Rochester. 3rd Annabell Sanderson & Timmy. 4th Justine Harrison & Banjo. 5th Rebecca Flouers & Fizz. 6th Olivia Unsworth & Mickey.

Class 2. 60cm. 1st Lauren Mathieson & Freddie. 2nd Lauren Mathieson & Strider. 3rd Sarah Otter & Jester. 4th Meg Hart & It’s a Rave Dave. 5th Rebecca Flouers & Fizz. 6th Sammie-Jo Whetton Black Magic.

Class 3. 75cm. 1st Lauren Mathieson & Freddie. 2nd Dianne Briggs & Shannondale Sprite 3rd Katrina Spowage & Grandpa Jess. 4th Katrina Spowage & Sir Bunbry Bounce. 5th Kat Brooks & Patch. 6th Darryl Simpson & Kordelia.

Class 4. 85cm. 1st Lucy Keen & Crested Lad. 2nd Cameron Skelton & Star. 3rd Robyn Lawrie & Akorna. 4th Charlotte Thrower & Cognac. 5th Katrina Spowage & Grandpa Jess. 6th Katrina Spowage & Sir Bunbry Bounce .

Class 5. 95cm. 1st Chelsea Skelton & Jessica Rabbit. 2nd Emma Bryan & Lady. 3rd Molly Carter & Saffrodize. 4th Lucy Keen & Crested Lad. 5th Robyn Lawrie & Prancer. 6th Natalie Perry & Irish Quest.

Class 6. 1.05m. 1st Emma Bryan & Lady. 2nd Chelsea Skelton & Jessica Rabbit. 3rd Robyn Lawrie & Prancer. 4th Molly Carter & Saffrodize.

Autumn 2012 News & Showdates

Sorry for the delay but we now have our show dates for Unaffiliated Showjumping events up until Christmas 2012.

  • Saturday 20th October
  • Saturday 10th November
  • Saturday 1st December

As usual we will have a full schedule of classes ranging from the 45 cm (without any combinations) right up to the more demanding 1.10 m class at the end of the day. We are sure the standard of competition will be high and just maybe we might discover a future Olympic Showjumping Gold medallist amongst our competitors.

We know that with the success of Team GB at the London Olympics & the Paralympics in the Dressage events there is a real enthusiasm for the sport at the moment. Unfortunately however Easedale Equestrian don’t have any Dressage events planned at the moment, LRAC tell us someone else will be organising these in the very near future. If for any reason they don’t get the events off the ground we will review things and get something organised, so keep watching this space for news.

Latest News

Our first Dressage event took place on the 25th February. I think we were more nervous than the competitors were. Fortunately we had a great judge in Fiona and a very competent writer – yours truly. With 30 entries across 4 tests it was a good chance for us to find our feet, and a big thank you for all the positive comments on the day – it makes all the planning and work worthwile.

The competitors were a real credit, they were all winners in my eyes and I was so pleased we had the experienced eyes of Fiona to score the tests. David Neve photography were on hand and pictures can be found by clicking the link below, results will be here shortly. And please don’t forget our next Dressage event is scheduled for the 14th April at LRAC Kenwick park.


Our new website

We have launched our new domain and website.

On this website you will find information about our equestrian events organised at LRAC Kenwick Park, Louth.

Keep an eye on this site or contact us for information about our events.

The website is still under development and therefore in case of any issues please drop us a line. We also have friends who have some great websites you might be interested in visiting. Camping and Leisure provide fantastic value for money family holidays in France at a choice of high quality French campsites. Westram Transport are specialist hauliers in the mobile home, caravan and cabin transport industry delivering to campsites throughout France. St Lawrences Lodge in Denton Manchester is a high quality residential care home forv the elderly, situated in the heart of the community and having been under the same management for almost 25 years it is truly home from home.

We also have