Christmas Fun Show – Classes for Everyone. Tinsel Obligatory

December 21, 2013

Unaffiliated Christmas Fun Show at LRAC, Kenwick Park Louth

Classes for all abilities Juniors & Seniors Prizes for ALL classes.


  • Location: L.R.A.C. Kenwick Park, Louth. LN118NR
  • Start time: 10.30 am prompt (clear round from 10.00am)
  • Date: 21st December 2013

Additional information:

  • Indoor arena
  • Ample hard standing / parking
  • BSJA course designer
  • On site catering

Entries: on the day by cash / cheque.


10.00 am Clear round jumping max height 40 cm no doubles or combinations. (Entry to clear round jumping £5.00 per horse / pony with rosettes to all clears).

Start 10:30 am

  • Class no. 1 Christmas Cracker novice jumping stakesFor novice riders, horses / ponies. The course height in the first round will be 40cm with no doubles. Jump off maximum height will be 45cm. Lead rein permitted, trainers and parents are welcome to offer advice and assistance to competitors in the ring.Entry fee £6.00 Rosettes to 6th place and prizes in kind
  • Class no. 2 Christmas Pudding Top Score - Each fence has a points value for jumping it clear ranging from 10 – 100 depending on difficulty. The bell will sound, pass through the start gates and the time begins, you now have 45 seconds to jump as many fences as possible, the bell will sound again and you must proceed immediately to the finish. There will also be a joker fence worth 150 points – jump it if you dare, if you knock it down you will lose 150 points. The winner will be the horse and rider with the most points, in the event of equality of points then time will decide. Jumps will be between 45cm & 85cm in height & Joker height 1.05. If a jump is knocked down it cannot be jumped again.Entry fee £9.00 Prizes £10. £7. £5. Rosettes to 6th place
  • Class no. 3 Mistletoe & Wine Take your own line - You have to jump 8 separate fences, you choose the direction and route you take. 4 seconds will be added for each knock down, 3 refusals incurs elimination. Fastest time wins. Minimum 12 fences to choose from ranging in height from 45cm – 90cm.Entry fee £9.00 Prizes £10. £7. £5. Rosettes to 6th place
  • Class no. 4 Rudolph & Santa mini/major Pairs jumping - 12 fences to be jumped, the first 6 fences will be at 40 – 50 cm and the remaining 6 fences at 85 – 95cm with a whip change between fences 6 & 7. If either competitor has 3 refusals the other competitor is allowed to effect a rescue and complete the course. 4 seconds will be added for a knockdown. If you haven’t got a regular pairs partner let us know and we will help partner you up with someone on the day.Entry fee £15.00 per pair Prizes £20. £15. £10 per pair). Rosettes to 6th place
  • Class no. 5 Two fence challengeTwo single fences in the ring a triple bar and an upright (plus an optional practice fence). Each competitor jumps both fences, if they jump both fences clear they progress to the next round. Five rounds in total maximum with fences starting at approximately 85cm & progressing approx. 10 – 15cm each round. Not against the clock. 4 faults for a knock down or refusal, in the event of equality after 5 rounds the prize will be shared.Entry fee £12.00 Rosettes to 6th place £50.00 first prize only. (money will be shared equally in the event of no outright winner.

Contact details:

Show office tel. enquiries (on day of the show only) 07596 898489 or contact us for all other enquiries.

Further information:

All  show jumping classes will have prize money according to the following ratio 5 – 9 entries 1st prize only, 10 – 14 entries 1st and 2nd prizes, and 15 or more entries 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. In the event of sufficient entries Horses and Ponies prizes will be separated.

We are a qualifying venue for UK Riders Championships and the David Broome Showjumping Championships of Great Britain. If you jump a double clear and want to take up your FREE qualification certificate please ask on the day and we shall be pleased to help.

Show rules and Terms & Conditions are available by e-mail on request or can be found on our printed schedules.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Fun Show – Classes for Everyone. Tinsel Obligatory

  1. hi Jan, just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and New Year! unfortunately me and Sammy won’t be coming on Saturday, hoping to see you in the new year! Good luck with the show! x

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