Unaffiliated Indoor Show Jumping Saturday 2nd November 2013

November 2, 2013
Unaffiliated Show Jumping at LRAC, Kenwick Park, Louth LN11 8NR

Classes for all abilities Juniors & Seniors Prize Money for ALL classes.


  • Location: L.R.A.C. Kenwick Park, Louth. LN11 8NR
  • Start time: 10.30 am prompt (clear round from 10.00am)
  • Date: 2nd November 2013

Additional information:

  • Indoor arena
  • Prize money & rosettes for ALL classes
  • Ample hard standing / parking
  • BSJA course designer
  • On site catering


Entries on the day by cash / cheque. Entry fee for all classes £9.00. Rosettes to 6th place and prize money for all classes. Entry to clear round jumping £5.00 per horse / pony with rosettes to all clears.


10.00 am Clear round jumping max height 45 cm no doubles or combinations

Start 10:30 am

  • Class no .1. 45 cm Open Horse or Pony
  • Class no. 2. 60 cm Open Horse or Pony
  • Class no. 3. 75cm Open Horse or Pony
Not before 12.30 pm
  • Clear round max height 80 cm (30 minutes time permitting)
  • Class no. 4. 85 cm Open Horse or Pony
  • Class no. 5. 95 cm Open Horse or Pony
  • Class no. 6. 1.05 m Open Horse or Pony
  • Class No. 7. 1.10 m Open horse or Pony
  • For classes 6 & 7 distances in any combinations will be adjusted for horses/ponies in the combinations will be adjusted accordingly.

Contact details:

Show office tel. enquiries (on day of the show only) 07596 898489 or contact us for all other enquiries.

Further information:

All  show jumping classes will have prize money according to the following ratio 5 – 9 entries 1st prize only, 10 – 14 entries 1st and 2nd prizes, and 15 or more entries 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. In the event of sufficient entries Horses and Ponies prizes will be separated.

We are a qualifying venue for UK Riders Championships and the David Broome Showjumping Championships of Great Britan. If you jump a double clear and want to take up your FREE qualification certificate please ask on the day and we shall be pleased to help.

Show rules and Terms & Conditions are available by e-mail on request or can be found on our printed schedules.

2 thoughts on “Unaffiliated Indoor Show Jumping Saturday 2nd November 2013

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to have some information, terms and conditions and scheduled of the UnAff indoor showjumping 23rd March.
    Also what are the ages for the Junior and Senior, is it for the horse or rider?
    Many thanks

    • Sorry for not getting back sooner. All the classes we offer are open to Juniors or Seniors, Juniors are those riding Ponies 148cm or less and aged 16 years or under (on 1st January). Seniors are all persons riding Horses (over 148cm) and adults 17 years or older riding Ponies. Prize money and rosettes are only split if there are sufficient entries ie 20 or more in any one class which sometimes happens in the 75cm and 85cm classes but not normally in other classes. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me – i have sent a PDF version of our schedule to your e-mail address.

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