Results February Show

Our February show was very popular with a great turnout of over 70 competitors jumping a range of classes from 45cm up to a challenging 1.10m. As usual the standard was very high with many double clear rounds at every height.

Class 1
Jemma Smith Sparky
Grace Hereward Mercury
Isabel Wheaver Fantasia
Evie Toombes Royal Bluebell
Olivia Unsworth Mickey
Imogen Hook Bruno

Class 2
Cheryl Toon Scooby
Samantha Wells Benji
Katy Appleby Alfie
Kat Brooks Layla
Olivia Unsworth mickey
Zoey Jane Sharp Boy

Class 3
Lauren Mathieson Taincwm Quite a Star
Sarah Hadley Crafty Fox
Imogen Hook Ariel
Michelle French Riverhill
Cameron Skelton Busbykinz
Danni McFall Midnight Business

Class 4
Lydia Norton Pixie
Lydia Norton Hillside Moment
Cameron Skelton Star
Amy Atkinson Shergar II
Kat Brooks Patch
Lucy Keen Crested Lad

Class 5
Millie Wilkinson Cornice
Lydia Norton Pixie
Natalie Perry Irish Quest
Lydia Norton Hillside Moment
Molly Carter Saffrodize
Darryl Simpson Kobanna

Class 6
Millie Wilkinson Cornice
Ros Ganter Cruise
Ros Ganter Ted
Ros Ganter Darcy

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