Results from our 10th November Show at Kenwick Park, Louth

Our November show was again very popular with a great turnout of over 70 competitors jumping a range of classes from 45cm up to a challenging 1.10m. As usual the standard was very high with many double clear rounds at every height. We were very pleased to see many of our compertitors take up their free UK Riders Qualification Card.

Class 1. 45cm. 1st Rebekah Hampton & JK’s Lucky Tiger. 2nd Alison Bourn & Mr Rochester. 3rd Annabell Sanderson & Timmy. 4th Justine Harrison & Banjo. 5th Rebecca Flouers & Fizz. 6th Olivia Unsworth & Mickey.

Class 2. 60cm. 1st Lauren Mathieson & Freddie. 2nd Lauren Mathieson & Strider. 3rd Sarah Otter & Jester. 4th Meg Hart & It’s a Rave Dave. 5th Rebecca Flouers & Fizz. 6th Sammie-Jo Whetton Black Magic.

Class 3. 75cm. 1st Lauren Mathieson & Freddie. 2nd Dianne Briggs & Shannondale Sprite 3rd Katrina Spowage & Grandpa Jess. 4th Katrina Spowage & Sir Bunbry Bounce. 5th Kat Brooks & Patch. 6th Darryl Simpson & Kordelia.

Class 4. 85cm. 1st Lucy Keen & Crested Lad. 2nd Cameron Skelton & Star. 3rd Robyn Lawrie & Akorna. 4th Charlotte Thrower & Cognac. 5th Katrina Spowage & Grandpa Jess. 6th Katrina Spowage & Sir Bunbry Bounce .

Class 5. 95cm. 1st Chelsea Skelton & Jessica Rabbit. 2nd Emma Bryan & Lady. 3rd Molly Carter & Saffrodize. 4th Lucy Keen & Crested Lad. 5th Robyn Lawrie & Prancer. 6th Natalie Perry & Irish Quest.

Class 6. 1.05m. 1st Emma Bryan & Lady. 2nd Chelsea Skelton & Jessica Rabbit. 3rd Robyn Lawrie & Prancer. 4th Molly Carter & Saffrodize.

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